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Nasal Dilator Straps Make Snoring More Frequent and sleep Apnea FastTip#95 - FrankJScott - 10-12-2021

Noson strips are an over the counter nasal dilator that can be used to enhance the quality of sleep and lessen the amount of snoring. They work by opening the nasal or nasal passageway to increase airflow in the nose, but do they work for you? Do they help with sleep apnea? Learn more about these gadgets and if they're worth a shot.

The basics of Nasal Dilators
There are two typesof nasal dilators that open the nostrils/nasal passages from the outside and dilate them from the inside. The external dilator typically consists of a stiff strip that is glued to the exterior of the nose using adhesive similar to an elastic Band-Aid. Noson nasal strips are a well-known brand however there are many other brands.

Nasal dilators operate similarly to lifting the nostrils or sides of the nose to make more space. This helps to allow breathing easier through your nose and may reduce the amount of snoring you experience. It is most likely because of an increase in the flow of air through the nasal space. If conditions were ideal airflow would be able to flow through the nose and then flow through the throat to the lung. When obstruction occurs in the nose -- due to narrowness from anatomy or a deviated septum or congestion caused by allergies or colds -- a trickle or stream of air is able to enter instead. This creates turbulent airflow, similar to a small , rock-filled stream. As a result, the tissues that line the throat (especially those of the soft palates and the uvulas) are prone to vibrating and causing snoring. The nasal dilator lets you increase the volume of air entering your nose while reducing the turbulent air movement. Click for best how to stop snoring remedy here.

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Noson Strips Help Reduce Snoring The dilators proved to be most effective if the snorers didn't have any other conditions that might affect their sleep like obstructive or sleep apnea. There are mixed outcomes from other studies that have examined the efficacy of these treatments. Noson strips have been proven to be effective in improving sleep apnea. However, snoring could be slightly reduced.

The Side Effects of Noson Strips
These products are unlikely to cause any negative side effects other than an allergic reaction to the adhesive. Although nasal dilator sheets can aid in snoring improvement, they will not treat sleep disorder. The use of nasal dilator strips in order to reduce symptoms can provide the patient with a false sense confidence in its effectiveness. Click for check this stop snoring devices tip here.

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Other devices that open the nasal passagesAnother alternative is to use the nasal dilaator that is internal to the. It is a device which is inserted into your nostrils and stays in place during are asleep. A study of literature found that nasal dilators with internal plugs showed slightly larger improvement in Snoring when compared to external nasal strips? Provent, which is a prescription drug as well as Theravent (a non-prescription alternative) are both available. These medications reduce the amount that is exhaled through drawing into the air. These devices increase the volume of air in your airway to stabilize it and reduce vibrations from snoring.

The issue of sleep is a problem.
The nasal dilators are easy to apply, and could be considered an appropriate treatment for those who snore regardless of having tried other more conservative alternatives. They might be worth trying to determine if they are helpful. If you are suffering from sleep apnea, nasal dilators may not be the best choice. Click for best remedies for snoring tip here.

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What are other options you might consider? These Ideas might interest you:
Allergy Treatment (nasal Steroid Sprays, such as Flonase. Nasacort. Rhinocort. Oral allergy medications such as Allegra, Zyrtec and Claritin, Singulair etc.
Myofunctional therapy
Spray to treat nasal saline
The positional therapy (sleeping to the side)
The head of the mattress
Saline is a rinse (via Neti Pot or as an alternative)
Surgery performed by an ear, throat, and nose (ENT) specialist
Consult your physician if you experience persistent snoring, gasping and choking, or other symptoms or signs of sleep apnea.

It could be necessary to have a sleep study to determine the cause. You may need to have a continuous positive airway pressure machine (CPAP) as well as an oral appliance provided by dentists, or even surgery for your throat or nose. All of these options may aid in stopping the habit of snoring.