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How to become an interior designer - merehan - 01-12-2022

Interior design, or what is known as interior architecture, is the art of decorating interior spaces in a way that matches the architectural design with an attractive appearance

The design includes wall paint, wallpaper, floors, ceilings, furniture, in addition to lamps, and can also include carpets, paintings, and sculptures.

talent development
Talent is one of the most important things that an individual must have in order to become a successful interior designer. It represents a strong motive for him to achieve what he seeks and reach his ambition, so it must be developed.


creative intelligence
Decoration design includes defining some features, corners, and basics by the designer, so he must possess intelligence and creative skill; Where there are people who are talented by nature, and only need to read

And follow up on all developments related to decoration and designs, and join conferences and workshops, unlike individuals who do not have talent, as they must enroll in academic studies, through training programs and courses to develop intelligence.

Flexibility with clients
Flexibility is one of the most important qualities that a decorator must have, as his work requires interaction with customers in their different styles, as everyone has his own taste and inclinations.

A person's taste may not match the designer's taste, so the designer must stay away from his own opinion and focus on the look of others, and provide advice to them in everything related to the decor.

Collaboration and teamwork are among the most important basics and requirements of the interior designer’s job. Where this job requires the designer to acquire a lot of information, which includes business skills, market study, and marketing methods

and competing institutions and companies; It is not possible for the designer (engineer) to complete these works alone without the presence of a specialized team in these matters, taking into account the focus of all individuals on one goal, which is to achieve profit.

having experience
The experience that the interior designer possesses is one of the things that distinguishes him from others; As it requires having experience to work continuously, and to make a great effort until the required professional level is reached

By presenting his skills and decorative services to relatives, friends, and non-profit institutions, or even designing his home, all of these things can give the new graduate experience that enables him to move beyond the stage of a novice interior designer to the stage of a professional designer.

RE: How to become an interior designer - Nishaknapp - 01-12-2022

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